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Extended Sneak Peek: Sweet Troublemaker (#BookQW: Luck)

This week’s Book Quote Wednesday (#BookQW) word is “luck.” And Nick is finding himself out of luck when it comes to finding someone to save his uncle’s wedding.

Which means this cowboy is going to need to step up to save the event.

And he can’t do it alone. He’s going to need Polly–his ex-girlfriend. Will she say yes?

Let’s take a sneak peek into their story, Sweet Troublemaker:


ebook price $2.99

paperback price $9.99

And as promised, here’s an extended sneak peek

The pink-haired woman laughed as she pocketed her phone and began to head away. “I like the way you think.” Walking backward, she grinned at Nick. “And don’t worry! Zoe will help you take care of everything. Good luck planning your wedding!”

Nick froze. “Wait. No. I’m not…” He gave Polly a helpless look. How did this all become his problem? He was here to sweet-talk. That was it. That was all. And it wasn’t his wedding, either. Although that wouldn’t be so bad if it was.

“I think you’ll make a lovely wedding planner, sweetie.” Polly was grinning, a dab of chocolate marring her perfect upper lip.

“I can’t,” he said, his eyes locked on the chocolate smudge.

“Can’t or won’t?” she asked, the epitome of innocence.

“You have…” He reached over to wipe the distracting ice cream away, but she dodged him, looking alarmed. “Here,” he said, moving slower, cradling her head so he could sweep his thumb over the spot. Her lip was warm and soft. He should have used his own lips to clean her up instead of his thumb.

She was quiet, watching him. She said softly, “You really should help Roy.”

“Not me.” He’d make a royal mess of it.

“The big stuff’s already taken care of,” she said helpfully. He had no reason to still be embracing her pretty face, and he reluctantly lowered his hands, unsure what to do with them. “I’m certain your aunt-to-be has a list of what she expects for the menu, flowers and decorations. Request a copy and you’ll be set.”

“If it’s that easy…” He turned to face Zoe. She was an expert at this stuff. What was a couple of hours of overtime when it came to happy guests? Clients who had rented several cottages?

“Hello,” Zoe said, tapping her phone’s earpiece, which was wedged somewhere under her hair. “Indigo Bay Cottages. This is Zoe.”

Oh, that was hardly fair. He didn’t even think the phone had rung.

“If it’s that easy you can do it,” Polly said, pressing her hand against his arm. “You did say you’d save the wedding, didn’t you?”

“No. I’m pretty sure I didn’t.”

“You did,” she said, using a soft, coaxing yet firm voice that made him want to believe her. Even though he was pretty darn sure he would never say he’d waltz in and save this event. “So save it.”

“This is beyond my area of expertise.” He began backing away, hands raised.

“Everything’s been decided. It’s like a gala.”

“You’ve done this before? For galas?” And her own wedding, he’d presume; he’d guess recently divorced, based on the way she’d rubbed that empty ring spot on her finger earlier.

“Just do what’s on the list and git ’er done,” she teased.

He edged closer.

She waved a hand, her eyes shining with life. “It’s easy, Nick. You pull all this stuff together for others so they can have a wonderful evening. You’ll know it was you who made it happen and your uncle will be so impressed and grateful.”

She caught him watching her with expectation, and her distant, slightly dreamy smile faded. “What?”

“You know how to do this.” He was standing close, and her breath hitched as he ran a hand lazily up her arm.


“If you don’t say you’ll help me, I’ll kiss you.”

Sweet Troublemaker releases tomorrow! Find out if Polly says yes–or if she gets a kiss instead!


ebook price $2.99

paperback price $9.99

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