Book Quote Wednesday

In Love with her Best Friend’s Ex. (Sorry, Just Lust.) #BookQW

What would you do if you were in love–lust–with your best friend’s ex-fiancé?

(Hello, denial. Oh, what fun you are!)

Katie just kissed the enemy. The man who broke Beth’s heart and makes Katie’s work life not a lot of fun with all his rules and perfection.

The problem is she kind of likes how perfect he is, and she’d really like another one of those kisses…

This week’s word is “break” and comes from this sweet holiday romance that is a guaranteed laugh! Grab your copy of Eggnog and Candy Canes today and start reading today!

ebook price $2.99

paperback price $7.99

I hope you enjoy this sweet romance set in the small mountain town of Blueberry Springs.

(If you got your special, free copy of Rum and Raindrops last week this is the book that comes after it in the Blueberry Springs series.)

Happy reading!

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