The World Needs More Love

Thank you, readers! (Flood Relief for the Summer Sisters Region)

Last fall I began considering ways that I could put more love out into the world. Yes, my romance novels definitely help spread love as well as all those wonderful warm and fuzzy feelings, but I also wanted to do more.

I want to help those in need.

I volunteer in my community a lot as does my husband, and it’s not uncommon for our combined week’s volunteering hours to add up to (or exceed) a forty-hour work week. We live in a small town and helping hands are always needed to run sports programs, fundraising, and more. It’s a great way to get to know our neighbours, our community, as well as to give back.

Last fall when Hurricane Florence ravaged the Carolinas in the US where my Indigo Bay books are set, I felt the need to help. But I’m way up here in Canada. So, that month, after polling my readers for charity suggestions, I donated the proceeds from my three published Indigo Bay books toward Hurricane Florence relief in the Carolinas.

In April of this year extreme flooding has overtaken the town of Bracebridge, Ontario as well as the surrounding region where my Summer Sisters series is set. (Maybe I need to stop writing books in real-life locations and stick to fictional ones!)

If you recall Daphne, Tigger, and Evander from Falling for the Bodyguard (previously published as Love and Danger), they live in Bracebridge–a town that I have visited many times as I spent summers in my youth with family at my grandmother’s nearby 119-year-old cottage. (This cottage was the inspiration for Trixie Hollow–the cottage the sisters struggle to save in the Summer Sisters series.)

When I heard about the flooding from a reader, you know I stepped up. And so this month I made a donation to help assist with flood relief. Why am I posting about this? Because I couldn’t have done it without you, my readers.

Thank you.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for buying my books. And thank you for helping me spread more love. Because the world can always use more love.

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