The Summer Sisters Series Book Club Questions

Did your book club read The Summer Sisters series? Need Discussion questions for your book club? Here are discussion questions for Falling for the Movie Star, Falling for the Boss, Falling for the Single Dad, Falling for the Bodyguard, Falling for the Firefighter.

(These books were formerly titled Love and Rumors, Love and Dreams, Love and Trust, Love and Danger, and Love and Mistletoe.)

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Book club discussion guide for The Summer Sisters Tame the Billionaires by Jean Oram. Love and Rumors, Love and Dreams, Love and Trust, Love and Danger book club discussion questions.
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FALLING FOR THE MOVIE STAR, Book Club Discussion Questions

1) In real life do you believe fans of movie star Finian Alexander would support his sudden image change from bad boy to nice guy? Or do you believe there would be backlash and skepticism over his change in behavior? How do you believe this change in image will impact his career?

2) Why do you believe Hailey never told her sisters about the taxation issues with Nymph Island until it was almost too late? If she had told her sisters sooner, what do you believe would have happened? In what ways do you believe it would have impacted everyone’s lives?

3) The author researched birth order personality types when developing the Summer sisters. Do you feel she did a good job of characterizing the four sisters in terms of their roles in the family and the way they interact and behave with each other? Why or why not?

4) How is the setting of Muskoka important to this book? Why do you think the author chose that location over somewhere more well-known such as Hollywood? How would the story have differed if it had been set in Hollywood or New York?

5) Have you ever met a movie star? Do you feel you would be as ‘cool’ about the fame as Hailey was with Finian? What do you think would be difficult for you?

6) Why do you believe Finian is so determined to help his old neighborhood? And why do you believe he tried to keep his past and promises a secret?

7) How has Hailey changed Finian’s life and vice versa?

8) What did you think of the supporting characters such as Jessica, Finian’s parents, Hailey’s mother, and her friend Simone? Do you have a favorite or least favorite?

9) What do you think will happen in the rest of the series? Will the sisters sell the cottage, lose it, or save it? Will the rest of the Summers have a chance to fall in love on Nymph Island before the summer ends or will something else happen?

10) What did you think of Austin Smith the paparazzi friend? Do you feel he redeemed himself in the end? If so, how? If not, why not?

How would you rate this book?

FALLING FOR THE BOSS Book Club Discussion Questions

1) Connor McKenzie is not a typical romance hero billionaire in that his financial success has come at a great cost his physical health as well as emotional and social wellbeing. Do you believe this makes Connor more real to the reader? Why or why not? Why do you believe the author chose to portray him this way?

2) Why do you believe Maya wants to be in control of so many things and is impatient for change in her life? What are the consequences of her behavior? What are some ways these personality traits have worked to her advantage or disadvantage?

3) Why do you think the sisters aren’t willing to ask their rich boyfriends for help with the cottage’s tax bill? How would their relationships be impacted if they accepted a large financial gift? Do you think they would find themselves in a similar situation again next year or a few years down the line?

4) Why do you believe the author chose to make Catherine, Maya’s mother, disabled and unable to help the sisters?

5) The Summer Sisters Tame the Billionaires series touches upon a lot of issues such as taxation, heritage preservation, shoreline protection/nesting habitats, light pollution, watershed problems, large resort developments, and single parenting. What do you believe adding in such issues adds to the stories and the connection readers have the series?

6) Sense of place plays an important role in this book. Think about times when a sense of place has been relevant in your own memories and bonds with people in your family or friendship circles. Share an example with other book club members. Do you believe that the four sisters would be as close as they are without the common meeting ground of Nymph Island? Why do you believe Nymph Island and Trixie Hollow are so important to the Summers?

7) If the cottage was newer and in better condition, in which ways would that impact the story?

8) The theme of overcoming one’s obstacles in order to grow and become the person we dream of becoming is threaded throughout the series. What obstacles do Maya and Connor overcome?

9) Do you think that two weeks of rest was long enough to show a change in Connor? Why or why not?

10) If the characters were real life people and you had a chance to meet them, who would you choose and why?

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FALLING FOR THE SINGLE DAD Book Club Discussion Questions

1) How is Tristan’s ‘monster in the closet’ symbolic of his old life and the life he is trying to lead now? Do you feel it is normal reaction for him to try and hide that side of himself?

2) Do you believe that billionaires have more trouble remaining in a stable marriage compared to non-billionaires? Why do you believe it would be harder or easier?

3) Why do you believe Melanie Summer is drawn to antiques and old stories? How are they symbolic of her life and how she views herself at the start of the book?

4) Why do you believe it is so difficult for Tristen Bell to express his emotions? How did bonding with his daughter Dot and being with Melanie help him overcome this issue? Without them, do you think he would have moved past this issue? Why or why not?

5) Melanie connected with some unlikely people in Love and Trust. What do you think it was about Melanie that led to her connection with the bikers?

6) Do you believe it was difficult for Tristen to dress in drag in order to help keep Melanie safe? Did this feel in character for him?

7) In Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages” he puts forth the idea that people interpret actions of love in five different ways. (Love expressed through: kind words/words of affirmation, receiving gifts, quality time spent together, doing little things for each other/acts of service, and/or physical affection/touch.) In which way do you believe Tristen expresses his love for others? Which way do you believe Melanie interprets feelings of affection? How about Tristen’s ex-wife Cindy? Do you believe these different ways of interpreting love was the root of Tristen and Cindys’ marriage issue, or do you believe it was something else?

8) The theme of overcoming one’s obstacles in order to grow and become the person we dream of is threaded throughout the series. What obstacles does Melanie overcome? What about Tristen?

9) The Summer’s friend Polly Pollard married for money instead of love. Do you think she made a mistake? Do you believe the author is making a statement? Why or why not?

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FALLING FOR THE BODYGUARD Book Club Discussion Questions

1) Despite the signs, why do you believe Daphne had such high hopes for Mistral as a father figure in Tigger’s life?

2) Do you feel is common for opposites, such as Daphne (hippie) and Evander (former military man), to come from a similar place (love) yet see the solutions to issues very differently (peace vs. war)? Do you feel the world’s issues are often people coming from a similar place but seeing and acting upon different solutions? Discuss an example from a world war as well as a recent world news story.

3) Which do you believe will save the day? War, peace, or neither? Why?

4) If you were in the Summer’s shoes, would your have done the same thing about the cottage, or would you have done something different?

5) Would you have fought the development across the water? Why or why not?

6) Discuss the nymph symbolism of the Summers names:
Hailey—water nymph (Presides over sea and seashores. Daughter of marine gods).
Maya—celesteal nymph (Partner of Zeus and mother of Hermes. Greek fertility god.)
Melanie—fresh water nymph who presides over subterranean springs. (In the 5th century was a saint who gave her wealth to charity.)
Daphne—woodland and plant nymph (In mythology while under attack, Daphne called to the river god who then turned her into a laurel tree.)

Is there symbolism or parallels in the heroes and their ‘god’ names?
Finian is handsome/fair. People with this name tend to be dedicated to building their lives on order and service.
Connor represents wisdom, counsel, and strength. Early king of Ulster.
Tristen represents tumult/riot/outcry. Was a knight of the Round Table.
Evander represents manliness/good man. Fought a Trojan hero.

7) Magic (falling in love on the island has happened for four generations) and mythology are woven through the series. What do you think this adds to the books? Do you believe there is magic in falling in love?

8) Who was your favorite character in the Summer Sisters series and why?

9) After reading the last paragraph of Love and Danger, do you think the Summer sisters are pregnant and that destiny will carry on for another generation of Summer women?

10) Did reading the series and the issues of Muskoka leave you ‘changed’ in any way? Whether more knowledgeable, able to see things from a different point of view, or maybe even just understanding someone in your life a bit better?

 How would you rate this book?

FALLING FOR THE FIREFIGHTER book club discussion questions

1) Why do you think fighting fires is starting to mess with Josh Carson’s mind and is causing fears? Do you feel these fears are normal or unfounded? Could it be an aspect of his personalty type or could it be situational? Why?

2) How did Simone Pascal evolve into the control freak she is at the beginning of Love and Mistletoe? Why do you feel she resists seeing Josh for who he really is? In what ways would seeing him for who he really is threaten her way of seeing herself and the world?

3) Early in the book, Simone resists accepting certain types of help from Josh. Do you believe she got over her personal hangups, or will they continue to interfere as their relationship (both personal and professional) continues to develop? How do you think her need for control will impact their soon-to-be intertwined professional lives? Will Simone learn to step back?

4) In which ways do you feel Simone and Josh are a perfect match (complement each other) and in which ways do you feel they are not a good match (bring out the worst in each other)?

5) Love and Mistletoe touches on some work/life balance issues that many successful women face. How did you feel about Simone’s decision to have a child alone? Why do you think women choose this option? What do you think will happen in her future when it comes to family? (Feel free to expand the term ‘family’ to also discuss her father and upcoming half-sibling, as well as the Summers.)

6) What was your favorite part of the story and why? Share it with the group.

7) Evander was nervous about proposing to Daphne. Do you think most men get tied up with nerves when they’re about to propose? Did you believe that Daphne might say no when she hesitated?

8) Do you think Josh’s fears about revealing his hair accessory hobby were founded or unjustified? What do you think his firefighter buddies will say when they find out? Do you feel that his past experiences have impacted his fear of revealing his new to-be business?

9) Both Josh and Simone were being held back from telling others they were going after their dreams, causing many large and personal secrets that were founded in their fears. Do you think this often happens in real life as well? In what other ways have characters in the Summer Sisters series been held back due to fears? How did they get over them?

How would you rate this book?

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