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Which Blueberry Springs Character Are You?

Been to Blueberry Springs lately?

Who is your favourite character in Blueberry Springs? Mandy? Beth? Mary Alice?

Want to find out who you share traits with? Which character are you? Read on to find out. (If you were at the launch party for Whiskey and Gumdrops this game might look familiar!)

Whiskey and Gumdrops: A Blueberry Springs Chick Lit Contemporary Romance
Are you Mandy from Whiskey and Gumdrops?

Which Blueberry Springs Character Are You?

1) When people around you start to gossip you tend to:

A)   Not be interested.
B)   Be the topic of conversation.
C)   Already know the gossip and can add more info and/or correct others.


2) If you were going to redecorate or buy something new you tend to:

A)   Have particular tastes and several ideas before you start.
B)   Go for what is easiest.
C)   Build, design, or modify things yourself.


3) When it comes to changing your mind, you tend to:

A)   Stay with your original plan.
B)   Be swayed fairly easily into other ideas.
C)   Keep an open mind.


4) When falling in love you tend to:

A)   Think about it first.
B)   Fall fast, hard, easily and for a long time.
C)   Ignore the deeper feelings and run away, if you can.
D)   Ignore the romantic stuff—it makes your stomach feel funny.


5) You would describe yourself as which of the following:

A)   Focused
B)   Kind-hearted
C)   Determined
D)   Patient
E)   Helpful
F)    Sensitive

Champagne and Lemon Drops: A Blueberry Springs Chick Lit Contemporary Romance cover art
Are you Beth from Champagne and Lemon Drops?

Okay, here’s where it gets complicated!…

All As: Nash – You have exquisite tastes and have a definite plan for what you want in life. Sometimes you forget to take a breather and let life take you in a new direction. (Nash is the second hero in Champagne and Lemon Drops.)

All Bs: Beth – You are kind and gentle, and sometimes afraid to ask for what you really want. You are stronger than you think you are. (Beth is the heroine in Champagne and Lemon Drops.)

Questions 3-5 All Cs: Mandy – You have dreams and a desire to be more than you are. You worry about risking your heart. Friendship means everything. (Mandy is the heroine in Whiskey and Gumdrops.)

Mostly As (with a few Cs): Cynthia – You tell it like it is and don’t see the point in holding back. If someone needs to hear something, you’re the one who will step up and tell them. You have courage and strength and can see all sides to an issue easily and clearly. (Cynthia is Beth’s sister.)

Questions 2-3 Cs & 5D:  Frankie – You are patient and willing to wait for good things to come your way. But when they come your way, you want to know that it’s because they want to come your way and haven’t been forced. (Frankie is the hero in Whiskey and Gumdrops.)

Questions 2-4 Cs & 5F: Oz – It takes you awhile to figure out what you want in life and you worry about putting others out as you reach for your own dreams. (Oz is the hero in Champagne and Lemon Drops.)

Question 1C and all else As: Katie – You are fiercely loyal and value family above all else. You also like things done a certain way and have an artistic flair. (Katie is Oz’s sister and Beth’s best friend.)

Answers all over the place!: Mary Alice – You are in everyone’s business, but in a well-intentioned way. You, my dear, keep the wheels turning in everyone’s lives. (Mary Alice runs the convenience store in Blueberry Springs and has her finger on the pulse of the town—and her lips on a bullhorn!)

So? Who are you? (I’m Mandy—the heroine of Whiskey and Gumdrops!)

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  1. Love this! I laughed at each question as I was matching them up to me and the characters! Turns out I’m closest to Beth 🙂

    1. Jemi, I could see you as Beth–kind and gentle! 🙂 And totally strong!!

  2. Such a fun game, Jean. Awesome questions! Turns out I’m Katie! 🙂

    1. Thanks Simi. You are loyal like Katie for sure. 🙂

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