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Need a New Book?

Need something to read while I work on my new Texas series?

Here are three great reads from friends that will warm your small town, sweet romance loving heart!

Let’s go!

Lex and the Little White Dress by Cassie Hayes

Here’s one my readers have been enjoying–they got an exclusive sneak peek in my reader group of this new release and found it heartwarming and funny.

Whoever said you can’t go home again can kiss my Spanx-covered butt…

At least that’s what Alexandria ‘Lex’ Luther thinks as she crosses the city limits to her hometown, the one place she never wants to see again. Circumstances might have forced her back, but no way will Lex get suckered into sticking around this time. She’s even poured herself into her favorite little white dress to prove to everyone, especially her family, that she’s shaken off the dust from this podunk little town for good.

Unfortunately, Lex’s triumphant homecoming is spoiled when she quite literally falls head over heels for Grayson Conrad, the town’s newest resident andmost eligible bachelor. His quick thinking and even quicker hands may have saved her dress from ruination, but those mile-deep dimples, dazzling blue peepers, and stupidly long eyelashes might just be her ruination, if she’s not careful.

Because the last thing Lex needs is to fall for a man who left the bright lights of the big city to settle down in a sleepy small town. What was he even thinking? As soon as she finishes up with her family business, she’s blowing this popsicle stand and nothing’s going to stop her.

Not even dimples and stupidly long lashes.

This one is available on Amazon for $2.99.

Deleted by Tess ThompsonThough it’s taken more than a decade, Jackson Waller is finally ready to move on from the tragedy that has haunted his entire adult life. But everything he’s worked so hard to leave behind comes rushing back when his high school sweetheart, Maggie Keene, is spotted standing by her own grave twelve years after her death.

And Jackson’s first love is very much alive.

The lie that turned everyone’s world upside down will finally be set right, but will the connection Jackson and Maggie once shared be strong enough to erase the damage done by one of the most treacherous scandals to ever hit Cliffside Bay

Deleted: Jackson and Maggie
Barnes and Noble
Apple Books

Limited time only $0.99. Regularly $4.99.

Perfect Recipe romance

One property.
Two potential owners.
And a battle they never expected to fight for— their hearts.

Even as a child, Ava Kelly dreamed of owning her own bakery, and with the help of her uncle and best friend, she made it happen. Then the store front next door becomes available, and the opportunity arises to expand her business—except there’s one giant problem.

After former Air Force pilot Maxwell ‘Max’ Ellis lost his leg during the war, he opened his own MMA gym in Cooper’s Cove, GA to channel his grief and anger. When the store next to him comes up for rent, he discovers his chance to grow the business and help other men like himself. Unfortunately there’s one tiny problem: Ava, and the fact that he’s falling for her.

When her dangerous ex returns to town and disaster strikes, will they be able to overcome the threat and find the perfect recipe for love?

$2.99 on Amazon only.

Happy reading! Watch this space for sneak peeks, cover reveals and other exclusives coming soon frommy Texas cowboy series!

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