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Valentine’s Day Lovin’

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy valentine's day

Cruisin’ the Internet I discovered a few cute things you might love.

Why Read Romance

First some “why read romance” from The Knight Agency. Yes, it is educational, men in uniforms, and straight teeth among many other very valid reasons. Enjoy those here. And yes, this topic was trending on Twitter today!

Cheesy Video

Something cute and cheesy from Coke (I love the smiles!):

Love Letters

Two love letters from Johnny Cash to his wife of 35 years, June. Read them here.


Michele Gorman and several other fabulous chick lit authors (chick lit is NOT dead!) have banded together to share some hilarious and heartwarming stories such as worst dates, best dates, most inappropriate crushes, etc. The stories are super-short and each author shares one of their own experiences. Worth the read! Start here with the worst dates! (You’ll see one of mine in the comment section.)

For the Single

And speaking of Twitter, I came across this picture for the singles out there. Take one and pass it on.

What’s your favourite Valentine’s Day thing you’ve come across today?

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