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New 99 Cent Release: Naughty & Nice (A Holiday Collection)

Naughty & Nice a Christmas romance box set

Read Naughty, Read Nice. This Holiday Season it is up to you.

Whether you like to read sweet or hot romance, I (along with 10 other authors) have a special holiday deal for you.

As a thank you to our romance readers, we have a special, holiday deal for you.

For only 99 cents, find 11 new book boyfriends to fall in love with. The holidays are for guilty pleasure reading we have you covered with over 1,000 pages.

Get your copy of Naughty & Nice here:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Barnes and Noble

Who do you get for 99 cents?

Mine For Christmas by J. S. Scott
Twelve Days Of Temptation by Ruth Cardello
Secret Santa by Kathleen Brooks
Christmas With The Alexanders by M. Malone
Rumor by Skye Jordan
Off Season by Sawyer Bennett
Staking His Claim by Lynda Chance
My Love by Melanie Shawn
A Mermaid Isle Christmas by Cali MacKay
Eggnog and Candy Canes: A Blueberry Springs Christmas Novella by Jean Oram
Wrapped by Evelyn Adams

Naughty & Nice, holiday romance deal Happy holidays from the authors of Naughty & Nice. Happy reading.


  1. Rita

    I am reading Naughty & Nice I have finished reading

    Eggnog and Candy Canes: A Blueberry Springs Christmas Novella

    Mine For Christmas

    What I have noticed in the previous books and correct me if I’m misguided. However, Eggnog and Candy Canes: A Blueberry Springs Christmas Novella and Mine For Christmas seem to be an abridged version of the book. Am I correct?

    I must say that I have enjoyed reading your books. Waiting in anticipation for your next book.

    The only reason I am aware of this is because I have bought all three books individually. And I am noticing the size of the books.

    I am about to begin reading “Secret Santa by Kathleen Brooks”


    1. Thank you Rita. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Eggnog and Candy Canes is a shorter story than my regular Blueberry Springs novels. However, it should be the same version in the boxed set as it is individually. I’ll have to double check and make sure nothing was accidentally deleted! Is this the Amazon, iTunes, B&N or Kobo version, Rita?

    2. Hi Sparky, I bought and downloaded the box set from Kobo to make sure what was being purchased is indeed the right file. It is. These are short novels and complete. Mine For Christmas and Eggnog and Candy Canes (as well as a few other stories in the collection) are spinoff stories from larger novels and ongoing series using the same characters which may possibly be the cause for your confusion. They are original and complete works. Just shorter. 🙂

    1. Awesome! I hope you enjoy the stories, Jemi. Thanks for reading.

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