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How Do You Get Married Accidentally? New Release Alert!

How on earth do you end up married…accidentally? Well, Jill and Burke manage to do so! Although it’s more of a case of them both forgetting. Until things get complicated, of course. And because this is a Jean Oram romance from the Veils and Vows series you just know they’re going to find love in the most unexpected place. Happily ever after guaranteed.

Meet Jill. She’s been burned in the past and she’s not looking for love. At least not something spontaneous. She has a plan. A plan that is wholly and completely messed up now thanks to Burke and the fact that him having a wife is actually kind of convenient. And as much as Jill hates to admit it…even though it ruins her five-year-plan, having Burke around could solve a problem or two in her life as well. And there are also those great kisses of his, too…

Meet Burke. He vowed to never say “I do” again after his first wife up and left him. And yet, here he is. Married. He can play the part if it means sealing a lucrative business deal he’s been eyeing for years, helping his staff earn some bonuses he knows they could use. But then what is a man to do when things begin to feel real between him and his accidental wife? Real for both of them.

Will they run? Or will they delve into this wonderful thing they’ve stumbled into?

Find out in Accidentally Married!

ebook price $3.99 → US UK CA AU

Even though this is book 4 in the Veils and Vows series, you can dive right into this one without feeling lost.

Want a sneak peek? You can read the first scene here!


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