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Happy Holidays! A Favourite Tradition.

Happy holidays from my part of not-so-snowy Canada!

Ahhhh…it’s the time of year where it’s nice to curl up near the fire with sweet holiday romances and cups of steaming spiced tea. (I’m partial to Christmas Morning tea at the moment. I couldn’t find it in the grocery stores this year…but then I looked in the back of my tea cupboard and guess what! I had some stashed! Just another reason not to declutter too often.)

As well as reading holiday romances, I love to write them! My most recent release is Sweet Holiday Surprise which is part of a wonderful beach series called Indigo Bay. In this series the small beach town of Indigo Bay has a tradition where townspeople and guests add an ornament to the town’s outdoor tree before the lighting on Christmas Eve. Rumour has it that if you make a wish when you place the ornament on the tree, your wish will come true! It’s a favoured tradition in the small town and reminds me of the antique ornaments my mom found in the barn of the farm she grew up in in Northern Ontario. Each year, once all the ornaments were on our family tree, she would hang these five antiques somewhere safe and high on the tree, becoming a small tradition we upheld until her final year.

Now, on the first weekend in December the kids and I set up our tree and decorate it together. It’s an annual tradition I love.

How about you? Do you have any holiday traditions that warm your heart? Which one is your favourite? Share yours in the comment section below.

Happy holidays! All the best to you and your family in 2018.

Jean Oram

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