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Community Gathering Places (Unexpectedly in Love)

One of the things I love about small towns are the gathering places. A place where you chat with your neighbours, find out the latest gossip, laugh, eat (hopefully yummy squares!) and find a place you belong.

Gathering places are where community comes together, where memories are made as the town comes together to celebrate, to honour and they are the heart and soul of towns.

One of these places in the town of Christmas Mountain (where my next book, Unexpectedly in Love is set) is the old white church with the steeple that stretches to the sky. This church was once a place to gather for worshipers, but is now the Christmas Mountain community center. It’s a place that fell to neglect as the town—like so many small town American towns—struggled to survive.

In our stories the heroines come together (returning home to do so) to rebuild the community, and one of the central places they do that is with the community center.

They share their hope with the community, and renew dreams and a sense of caring through their efforts to restore the community center which was central to their childhood and friendship. It was a place where they gathered on Christmas day as kids to share their joy of singing and performing (my character Joy plays the piano for the girls), and this year the Christmas Extravaganza will be a place of remembrance and tribute as their choir teacher has passed on.

Come join me in the small town of Christmas Mountain as the women find friendship, community and their happily ever afters.

How about you? When you think of your community’s gathering places, where do you think of? The local coffee shop? Church? School? Tell me below! I’d love to hear about your community, too!


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