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What is “Forced Proximity” in a Romance Novel?

Let me explain what forced proximity in a romance book actually is. It sounds like it could bypass consent, but it’s actually about being stuck with someone! Think snowed-in like Katie and Nash in Eggnog and Candy Canes or Catherine and Zach in Mail Order Soulmate.

I explain more in the video below, shares examples of forced proximity and explain what it is and isn’t! Enjoy!


Books shown in the video:

⭐️ Examples used in the video and where you can find them! ⭐️
📘 Example 1: Eggnog and Candy Canes by Jean Oram (Snowed-in forced proximity romance)
📘 Example 2: Falling for the Firefighter by Jean Oram (Shared accommodations, snowed-in forced proximity romance)
📘 Example 3: Mail Order Soulmate by Jean Oram (Marriage of convenience, email order bride, shared accommodations, forced proximity romance)
📘Example 4: The Wedding Plan by Jean Oram (Marriage of convenience for business and a shared project as well as shared accommodations, forced proximity romance)
📘 Example 5: Falling for the Boss by Jean Oram (Shared accommodations, isolated on an island, working together, forced proximity romance)

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