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Interview With Romance Author Evelyn Adams

In July I was in San Antonio, Texas for the RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference. While I was there I met some amazing author friends in person. One of those people was fellow romance author Evelyn Adams. She is a woman who defies description, but I’ll try. She’s kind, a sweetheart, intelligent, demure, well-spoken, curious, and bold.

On one humid Texas evening I was able to corner Evelyn (it wasn’t too difficult) on the Riverwalk where we chatted about things like first dates, our books, favourite candies, and more. We packed an amazing amount of fun into two minutes including her new series–The Southerland Family–which, if you have enjoyed my Summer Sisters series, you’ll love as well.

Check it out and get to know us better!

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Feels Like Love by Evelyn AdamsWant more Evelyn? Check out the book we chat about in our video interview, Feels Like Love.

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  1. Awesome interview ladies! Have to admit, I’m not a fan of most candy. Chocolate on the other hand… 🙂

    1. Chocolate goes with everything. 🙂

      Thanks Jemi.

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