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Updated Read Order List for Jean Oram’s Books

Do you love to read books in exact order?

Then I have got a document you will love. It’s the complete read order list for all 30 of my novels!

30! How did that happen? LOL.

Most of my books are written so you can pop in anywhere, but some also have Easter eggs that some of you may want to discover in order. And so, I’ve made you a master list so you can be in the know.

Isn’t that such a satisfying feeling?

You can download it here as a pretty PDF (clicking will begin the instant free download–no strings attached). Or you can pop over to this page to see the current data on where to jump in. (If you are reading this post about October 2021 or later, you might want to pop over to the page for the latest info in case I’ve published more books and updated the list.)

Enjoy and happy reading!

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