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Sweet Mistletoe is the Newest Addition to Indigo Bay (Written by Elizabeth Bromke)

I have been adoring the Indigo Bay romances these past few weeks. They are light, fun, and sweet. And I love seeing the different things that Miss Lucille, the town busybody, gets into with each book!

This week the authors of Indigo Bay bring to you Sweet Mistletoe by Elizabeth Bromke!

I’m already a quarter of the way through this one and loving Paisley’s predicament. But I won’t spoil too much for her, but she does seem to keep missing Knox, who I believe is going to be her true love. Have you read this one yet?


Sweet Mistletoe Elizabeth Bromke Indigo BayA single matchmaker. A local teacher. And one Christmas mix-up.

Paisley Barrett runs Mistletoe, a concierge matchmaking service. During the holidays, business should be booming, but her investors think she’s the reason it’s not. A thirty-something single matchmaker doesn’t inspire confidence in clients. So, they hand her an ultimatum—find a boyfriend by the new year or she’s out of a job.

Knox Calhoun puts his teaching career first, much to the dismay of his overbearing southern mother who wants him to settle down. Desperate to avoid the usual holiday pressure, he sets about pitching in with various Christmas activities around the town. His plan is working… until he bumps into his sister’s beautiful boss. A kiss under the mistletoe might be in the cards… if Paisley weren’t in town on business.

From the author of Birch Harbor and Hickory Grove comes the fifth story in the Indigo Bay Christmas Romance Series.


Get your copy here for only $2.99:


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