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New Release: Love and Danger Available!

Love And Danger, book four in The Summer Sister Tame the Billionaires series is the last book in the four-book series and is now out!

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Love and Danger features Daphne Summer, the youngest Summer sister, and Evander de la Fosse. Daphne is a hippie who sees life as a hopeful, positive place. Evander, however, is an ex-military man (and billionaire in disguise) and has been broken by the war. He believes he is no longer able to deal with real life. But little does he know, that his job protecting Daphne and her five-year-old daughter, Tigger, will not only change the way he sees life, but so much more.

Evander de la Fosse from Love and Danger

I have to admit, when my fans asked me to write a broken hero who had a military background I was hesitant. I wasn’t sure whether I could pull it off. In the end, Evander ended up being my all-time favorite hero. He’s tough on the outside and all gooey and wonderful on the inside (even though he’s loath to show it!). And he’s handsome–of course! 🙂 He made my beta reader cry – in a good way. He led my editor to tell me that this was my best book yet, and he made one of my critique partners swoon.

I hope you enjoy Evander and Daphne as much as I have writing them.



Grab your copy: Amazon US     Amazon UK     B&N     iBooks     Kobo     Google Play


Love and Danger: Summer Sisters book 4 Jean Oram billionaire in disguise

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jean Oram!

One hippie. One ex-military hero. Two very different life philosophies. And one situation that will alter the path of destiny.

Daphne Summer has always believed in the power of love and destiny. But she figures fate must have a wicked streak for sending Evander de la Fosse into her life. The steely-eyed, former military hunk of manhood won’t leave Daphne’s side after her ex-boyfriend utters what she believes are idle threats due to her sisters blocking his development across from their family cottage. She knows the man, the father of her five-year-old daughter, would never hurt her. But try convincing Evander.

Evander de la Fosse knows going to war broke him. Now he’s good for one thing and one thing only—stopping bullets meant for others. But as he shadows the single mother, Daphne, who always sees life as a bright and positive thing despite the odds against her, he finds himself wishing for the one thing the war took from him—real life.

Will these two opposites find a way to see eye-to-eye so Evander can keep Daphne safe? Or will the culmination of the Summer sisters battle against Rubicore Developments finally come to a fatal head in Canada’s Muskokas during the fourth book in this contemporary romance series?

But most importantly, will Daphne and Evander be able to see each other’s true side before it becomes too late to claim their chance at true love?

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