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Can Opposites Attract–and Make it Over the Long Haul in this Second Chance Romance by Tamie Dearen?

I love. Love. Love this book’s blurb! I want to read it so very, very much and can’t wait to dive in! Author Tamie Dearen is new to the Indigo Bay world and her book promises to dazzle and make me laugh in Sweet Adventure.

Are you ready for the adventure?

Her heroine Katie isn’t so sure that she is!

Will Katie jump into the shark-infested waters for a chance at love?

Katie Carson is afraid of everything. Spiders. Sharks. And especially love. That’s why her immediate attraction to the reckless Gary Lassiter scares her to death. Sure, he looks like Superman, and he saved her from a giant arachnid, but he’s an adrenaline junkie.

Gary Lassiter owes his life to his best friend, Steven. But his loyalty is tested when he meets Steven’s PA, Katie. Though Steven and Katie are probably a better-suited match, Gary wants Katie for himself.

When the three spend a week at Indigo Bay, Katie starts to fall for Gary, even stepping outside her comfort zone. But she knows firsthand how a moment of carelessness can rip a loved one away. How can she be with someone whose bucket list looks like a deathwish?

Let’s read! This book will be the featured book in the reader chat over on Facebook in my reader group from Wednesday, June 19 to Sunday June 23. So grab your copy and join us!

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Would you like a little bonus sneak peek of Sweet Adventure? Check it out:

Gary tightened his arm around her shoulder and lifted her chin with his other hand until he could look deep into her eyes. “Do you know what I really think about you, Katie?”

Her eyes grew large and round. “No.”

“I think I like you.” He let his fingers slide along the edge of her delicate jaw, and her eyelids closed halfway.

“Gary, I don’t think this will work,” she whispered. “We’re too different.”

“Different can be a good thing. We’re not committing to a lifetime. Just one day at a time. That’s all we have, anyway.”

“What if I’m not good for you?”

“Trust me—you will be.”

But, will I be good for her?

Was he setting Katie up to be hurt again, like Steven had warned? Would he wound her as badly as Joseph had?

He brushed the pad of his thumb across her quivering lips, dying to taste her. He bent his head closer. Her face lifted toward him, lips parted, inviting.

Just one kiss… What can it hurt?

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