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Apologies to my Nook Readers

My deepest apologies to my Nook readers.

I have been working with Nook and my e-book distributor this past several weeks as I have been looking for ways we can enhance reading opportunities for my Nook readers.

As a result of the backend work we’ve been doing, my books were only supposed to go off sale for a few hours as we made some changes and switches. They’d vanish for a moment or two but then reappear! Semi-flawlessly. Voila!

Unfortunately, the distributor managed to pull the books off sale a full four days early for our switcharoo which means all books have gone off sale and will be off sale until I can work with someone Monday morning to get them back up again.

My deepest apologies to my Nook readers who are trying to claim their free copy of The Surprise Wedding or purchase my new release The Marriage Pledge this weekend. They will be available soon. I promise.

The good news is that all of my audiobooks are still available on Nook audio! (The Summer Sisters Box set is even discounted to a get-3-audiobooks-for-the-price-of-1 deal right now ONLY on Nook audio.) Yay! A win for Nook users! (The first three audiobooks for only $14.95!)

Again, be assured that I am keeping all of my books on Nook and that they will soon be back available for sale. My apologies and thank you for your patience.

P.S. Keep watching the blog as I am hoping to do a little something later in the week for my Nookies–my Nook readers. <3

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