International Chick Lit Month

International Chick Lit Month with Award-Winning Author Tonya Kappes

Happy International Chick Lit Month! Today we have award-winning chick lit author Tonya Kappes here to share how she created an amazing beading shop in her novel Carpe Bead ’em as well as how to join her for a tea party! And if you’ve read the other interviews in the series, you might be starting to notice a trend among the secret lives of chick lit authors and when they first fell in love with chick lit.

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Interview With Chick Lit Author Tonya Kappes

Jean/ The Lovebug Blog: When did you first fall in love with chick lit and/or romance?

Tonya Kappes: It started with reading Claire Cooke books as well as the Bridget Jones series. I’m a sucker for a great movie with chick lit elements. Plus Sex In The City was uber fun to watch too!

Jean: What part of writing chick lit do you enjoy the most?

Tonya: It’s the friendships that draw me into the genre. I love strong women helping strong women. There is nothing scarier than women in numbers!Tonya Kappes books

Jean: Have you had to do research for your various books? For example, in Carpe Bead ‘Em your heroine creates amazing beaded creations. Did you know beading before you began the story or was it something you had to learn (or make up) for the story? What did you enjoy about the process of creating a beading heroine?

Tonya: Ah….good question! I was actually an owner of a beading company, Bead-Nicks, for over five years until I sold it. The business was great because it brought women together. I got to see first hand how they process the beads and what they wanted for designs, then I got to create what was in their head. Bead-Nicks was great for friendships too. There were parties where I showed them how to make jewelry, but that wasn’t the best part. The best part was me standing around listening to them talk about their lives. It was a place for them to escape and have girl time. I loved that!

I love Hallie [from Carpe Bead ’em]. She had to overcome a lot of stigma and self pride to get to a happy life. I think that we women have a hard time putting our self pride aside. Hallie had to grow in order to find her passion.

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Jean: Chick lit is best known for its hunky heroes, career dramas, best friends who rock, and coming of age. Are there any ways in which your own life resembles chick lit?

Tonya: I am very fortunate to have an amazing hunk and best friend! As a matter of fact, there are some little elements of my relationship with my best friend (28 years of friendship!) that is in Carpe Bead ’em. After 28 years of friendship, something is going to seep in 🙂

Jean: If you had a chance to go on a date with one of the heroes from your novels, who would you pick and why?

Tonya: Sam from The Ladybug Jinx! The Ladybug Jinx is a coming of age for my hero. I loved the process of talking to men and how they have to become very humble to get to their life’s passion. For Sam, it was hard but well worth it in the end. He would do ANYTHING for his woman!

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Where to Find Author Tonya Kappes

Oh! They can find me on-line at my website: or they can join my amazing STREET TEAM on Facebook where I have a ton of on-line parties and giveaways~

This year and next year, I’m traveling to various cities and hosting teas to meet readers in person! Those can be found on my events page at my website.

I’m also hosting several meet and greets around the United States with The Ya Ya Writer Girls!

I love connecting with readers! That is why I do this amazing job. I’ve won several awards from the industry, but winning 2013 Reader’s Choice Award Novella for my romance A NEW TRADITION with Indie Romance Convention, was such a great honor this year! I’m excited to be going to the conference to meet readers and pick up the award! So much fun! I LOVE MY JOB!

~ ~ ~

Those tea parties sound SO cool! Readers, if you had the chance to hang out with an author where would you want to do it? Spa? Dinner? Traveling? Facebook? (If you’ve already hung out with an author–maybe it was Tonya!–feel free to share that story in the comments.) I always love to hear your stories.

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  1. I’d love to hang out with JKR. Maybe while walking around a castle, just talking about her books? Yea, that’d be great 😀

    1. SC that would be great. A ton of fun! 🙂

  2. Jeff Salter

    Enjoyed the interview … but it was too SHORT.
    Tonya is wonderful to visit with in person, too.

    1. I’ll just have to have her back again Jeff! Very cool that you have met Tonya. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Thanks Jeff! It’s always a pleasure to see you too!!

  3. Jean, I have to agree w/ SC. JK would be fun to meet and I’d probably want to go with them too, but I write thrillers so I’m going to pick two different writers: 1) Tom Clancy. We’d hang out on a aircraft carrier talking military/techno thrillers all day wearing avaiator sunglasses. Or if I were in a truly dangerous mood, I’d opt to hang with the late gonzo great, Hunter S. Thompson. But before doing anything with him, I’d put on some body armor. And I’d do the driving to get wherever we were going. Him behind the wheel might not be a good idea. And I’d bring my own booze. (giggle)

    But Tonya’s books sound wonderful and the idea of having tea with her readers fabulous. 🙂 I’m for all things tea-related, but bonus if it’s sweet tea.

    1. You don’t have a blog with ‘sweet tea’ in the title for nothing Joey. You cracked me up with your talk about hanging out with Tom Clancy. Definitely big aviator glasses! You could totally pull those off along with a leather flight jacket!

    2. Always sweet tea 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  4. Thank you so much for having me! I love that it’s International Chick-Lit Month! AND I’m excited to say that I’m writing a new Chick-Lit mystery novel that will be out in the early winter!! I can’t get enough of Chick-Lit!!!

    1. Sounds great, Tonya. And thank you for being on the blog. 🙂

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