Indigo Bay Giveaway (Week 4)

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I have even MORE prizes this week. Not only am I giving away a book bag this week–I’m putting a book in it! Signed paperbacks, iBooks download codes, my undying love…read on for more prize info.

NOTE: Each thing you do in the giveaway listed below gives you an extra entry in the giveaway. Do one, do them all! It’s up to you. And know what’s extra cool? If you’ve been entering each week and have followed me around the Internet (followed on Twitter, joined my fan group, etc.) that’s a FREE entry again this week! WAHOO! There are piles of ways to enter to win to boost your chances of going home a winner. (Although if you’re reading this from home…you’re already home…so uh, yeah. Carrying on…)

(REMINDER: The email address you use below (or the one associated with your Facebook account if you sign in using Facebook) will be the one used to contact you if you win!)

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This week’s awesome new release from Indigo Bay


Book 4: Sweet Illusions by Jeanette Lewis

$2.99 → US UK CA AU

Eva Malone was very young when her mother forced the family to join a violent doomsday cult, but she remembers a little about how normal life used to be. As a young woman, she escapes the cult and relocates to Indigo Bay, South Carolina to pursue her dream of peaceful anonymity.

After several tumultuous years as a policeman in Atlanta, Ben Andrews has had enough. He returns home to Indigo Bay and joins the Indigo Bay PD, where the most exciting part of the job is getting a kitten out of a tree or rescuing tourists who lose their keys at the beach.

Eva and Ben are immediately drawn to each other. But as the prophesied date of the apocalypse draws near and the cult steps up its efforts to find her, Eva realizes she can’t maintain her sweet illusion forever.

Start reading today!

$2.99 → US UK CA AU

Fine print: No exchanges or substitutions for prizes. All giveaways are open internationally!


Winners will be selected June 13, 2017 and will be contacted via the email address used to enter the giveaway. Prizes MUST BE CLAIMED by June 23, 2017 or they will be considered unwanted. Watch for more giveaways next week!


  1. Robyn K

    I buy my books from amazon.

  2. I buy from Amazon when I purchase online


  3. Suzi


  4. Kathryn Morris

    Sounds like a great story!

    1. Jeanette’s is super fun! I’m ready to call it a night so I can curl up in bed and keep reading!

  5. Linda Kish

    I get most of my books from Amazon.

  6. Doris Jenkins

    I would love to have the books and book bag..

    1. Awesome! Good luck in the giveaway.

  7. isisthe12th

    All of thee above! Thank you

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  10. Selena Scott

    Buy most on Amazon

  11. Linda Henderson

    I buy almost all of my e-books from Amazon. And a lot of paperbacks from them too.

  12. Dianne Kitson

    I prefer Smashwords and kobo. As an absolute last resort I will go back to amazon. Thanks Jean!

    1. You’re welcome!

  13. Lori R

    I buy all of my books from Amazon so I don’t end up buying a book twice.

  14. Kim Hopkins

    I buy all my books from Amazon, i also have Kindle Unlimited 🙂

  15. I love her books and Post about her in my group.. I buy my books off amazon!

    1. I love the details in Jeanette’s books. 🙂

  16. Donna Wolz

    I buy most of my books from AZ.

    I want to win your undying love! ?

    1. ❤️ Tee hee. Done already! (I couldn’t resist adding that one in there.)

  17. Lesley Walsh

    Usually from Amazon

  18. Robin in NC

    The majority of my books come from Amazon, but I do buy from brick & mortar stores too. Thanks so much!

  19. Gina Johnson

    I buy from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I prefer B&N.

  20. Amy Cobasky

    I buy my books from both Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

  21. Amanda

    I get my ebooks from Amazon, paperbacks from Chapters usually

    1. I love Chapters!

  22. Shelly Riggle

    I buy at Amazon.

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    I buy almost all of my books on Amazon Smile.

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