How to Get Your Free Jean Oram Audiobook with the Authors Direct App


I’m excited you’ve agreed to help me out with reviewing my audiobooks with the Authors Direct app. In exchange you get hours and hours of listening fun! What a great deal for both of us.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

First, thank you. Reviews make the author world go ’round. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a review when you’re done listening to the audiobook I’ve given you a code for.

Now, how do we work this thing?

Step 1: Download the free Authors Direct app. This ONLY works on phones and tablets–not on computers. (There are links to the app on the Authors Direct redeem page if you need it.)

Step 2: Got the app? Excellent. Don’t worry about creating an account yet.

Step 3: Got your free code? Go to

how to redeem your Authors direct free audiobook code for Jean Oram audiobooks

Step 4: IMPORTANT! Use the email address you want to use with your NEW Authors Direct account. The email you enter here will become the one they use to communicate with you as well as the one associated with your app’s account.

Step 5: Enter the code you got from me and hit redeem.

Step 6: Check your email. Follow the instructions and you’ll find yourself listening to a new Jean Oram audiobook in mere seconds!

It really is this easy. I tried overthinking it and was still listening to the audiobook on my phone within seconds.

Authors Direct how to claim a code Love and Rumors on phone

Let me know if you have questions. Thank you and happy listening!

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