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Meet J. Lea Lopez: Your Erotica and New Adult Ebook Fix

Sorry's Not Enough by J. Lea LopezHave you met J. Lea Lopez? She’s new and so is her hair colour! Seriously, this writer has some do-it-yourself guts when it comes to cutting (gulp) and colouring her hair. Last I checked she was moving from blue to purple. Or was it the other way around?

I met J. Lea through a writer’s board and read her work for the first time in Spring Fevers. Her story ‘Adventures of Sasquatch’ (see below–you can get it for free! It’s a fun story about a girl with big feet trying to find true love) made me want to hug my ereader. It also inspired me to write my own short stories, ‘Crumbs,’ which appeared in The Fall: Tales From the Apocalypse which is about finding love at the end of the world (well, my story is–the whole anthology isn’t about that) and my latest story ‘Gown for Sale’ which will be released in Summer’s Edge in July. That’s all thanks to J. Lea!

And now she is going the indie route which means we’ll get to read a lot more of her stories from the hot and steamy (see the end of the post) to her contemporary new adult novel, Sorry’s Not Enough.

Sorry’s Not Enough

Charlotte learned at an early age that people – including family – are capable of hurting you so bad “sorry” will never be enough. The obvious solution is not to let anyone close enough to do any damage, and she’s doing just fine with that until a summer writing workshop brings Steven into her life. Seemingly immune to Charlotte’s Stay the Hell Away from Me pheromones, he uses his wit and good looks – or what Charlotte would call his obnoxious ego and his stupid good looks – to win her over. The unexpected summer romance screeches to a halt when Steven’s job creates an ethical dilemma for the couple. Sorry doesn’t begin to cover the hurt feelings.

Despite the secrets Charlotte’s keeping and the renewed passion with which she pushes him away, Steven can’t let her go. And so the cycle of their relationship begins. Over the course of four years they share moments as passionate lovers, periods of warm friendship, as well as months of barely-civil tension.

When no amount of time or distance, and no number of men, can make her forget the comfort of Steven’s arms, Charlotte must dig into her painful past and face the man whose betrayal destroyed her capacity for trust to begin with. And by the time she finds the courage to do so, will “sorry” be enough to get Steven back?

Where to Buy Your Copy of Sorry’s Not Enough

Barnes & Noble: Coming Soon!

Note from Jean: I read the sneak peek of Sorry’s Not Enough in the back of Consenting Adults and I am HOOKED! I have to know what happens now!

Get a Free Romance Ebook: Consenting Adults (Yes, There are Free Erotica Short Stories, Too)

Consenting Adults, short erotica stories by J. Lea Lopez
Doesn’t this make you think of Sweet Dreams novels? Warning: Contents steamier than Sweet Dreams!!

While this post was supposed to be just for J. Lea’s new release, her contemporary new adult book, Sorry’s Not Enough, I was reading her other new release which is a free romance ebook that contains short erotica stories and short romance stories. And so I asked her to share what it is about as well as I know readers LOVE FREE BOOKS!

Consenting Adults contains 5 free short stories:

The title story, “Consenting Adults”, explores the eroticism of an enthusiastic “Yes!” between lovers.

Note from Jean: Wowzers. A sweet story about an office love affair. Hot, too.

“The Haricot Verts” peeks in on a tense moment between a couple where she can’t seem to say what’s on her mind.

Note from Jean: I love the awkward, unsaid tension in this very short story.

“The Reluctant Exhibitionist” follows a young couple learning to open up and share their fantasies without embarrassment.

Note from Jean: The title says it all. Another hot story about opening up to your lover.

“The Adventures of Sasquatch” is the story of a single mom – and her big feet – reclaiming her inner princess.

Note from Jean: This one is my favourite–it’s the one I mentioned above–and it reminds me a lot of Jennifer Weiner. If you read it you will fall in love with the characters and demand J. Lea write a novel about them!

“Between the Lines” shows what happens when long-hidden desires sizzle to the surface between two near-strangers.

Note from Jean: Explores the other side of a shy wallflower. Another hot one. 😉

Where to Download Your Copy of Consenting Adults

Barnes and Noble

Who is Author J. Lea Lopez and Where Can You Find Her?

J. Lea Lopez is a writer with a penchant for Jello-O and a loathing for writing bios in third person. She writes character-driven erotica and contemporary new adult stories. She’s an introvert with a touch of shyness, but you can follow her on Twitter or Facebook for a peek at the secret world of naughtiness inside in her head.

~ ~ ~

How about you? Have you ever been won over by a guy despite your misgivings like Charlotte in J. Lea’s story, Sorry’s Not Enough? Tell us about it in the comment section. I always love to hear your stories.

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  1. I’ve been privileged enough to have beta read “Sorry’s Not Enough” and remember when J.Lea was thinking of shelving it forever. I’m SO glad she took the leap and self-published this story because I always thought it was great and needed to be seen by everybody. I also have Consenting Adults on my Kindle having read three of the five short stories already, I wanted to own them. They’re really well done. She’s given me the courage to add some spiciness to my own stories because hers are top notch. So proud of you Jenn! 😀

    1. Suzanne, that is very cool! All of it! I really enjoyed the sneak peek of Sorry in the back of Consenting Adults. Can’t wait to read the whole thing. 🙂

    2. Aww thanks, Red! Nice to hear I’ve inspired you to bring the spice a little bit. 😉

      And thanks for the shoutout on your blog, Jean.

      1. Any time, Jen! Thanks for sharing your work with us.

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