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How to Put the Kindle App on Your iPad

So, it’s been over two months that iTunes and I have been trying to figure out how exactly I broke Rum and Raindrops. (Yes, it is STILL not available on iTunes.)

Therefore, I’m going to show you how to place the Kindle app for iPad (free) on your iPad so you can still read Rum and Raindrops and other great books on your iPad. (You may have also noticed that Amazon often has more sales or more free books than any other vendor which is something you may want to take advantage of from time to time even if you don’t have a Kindle.)


Get the Free Kindle App for iPad

First, from your iPad, go to the App Store and look for the Kindle App. Install/download the free app. (You can also use this app on your phone–read in both places and it will sync between the two devices so you always know where you left off.)

Sign Into Amazon Via Your Kindle App

Once downloaded, open the app. You will need your Amazon account email address and password.

New Customer on Amazon? Do This First

If you are a new customer and don’t have an Amazon account, pop over to your local Amazon website and set up a free account. Click where it says ‘Hello. Sign in’ at the top right of the Amazon home page.

Sign into your account
Click to sign in–and from there start an account.

From that page, hit the radio button that says you are a new customer, then click the yellow sign in button.

Click the radio button saying you are a new customer.What Happens After You Sign Into the Kindle App on Your iPad

Amazon will register your new device and sync–meaning any books you have bought on Amazon will appear on your iPad’s Kindle App items list. This does NOT mean they are downloaded!! You have to click on the book for it to download to your device. (You will see a button that says ‘cloud’–that means those items are ‘available’ (you’ve purchased them) to download onto your actual device. If you click the ‘device’ button instead, that will show the items that are truly on your device. And if you interrupt a book while it is downloading–say at 80%–thinking you have 80% of the book on your device…um, no. Sorry. It doesn’t seem that way.

How to Buy Books in Your Kindle App

Short answer: You can’t. I know, lame, right? (It’s an Apple thing, not an Amazon thing, because trust me, Amazon wants to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. Think ‘one click purchasing.’)

What you need to do is pop over to your Amazon store using a web browser and purchase Rum and Raindrops so it can download to your iPad. Or, if you are feeling unsure about things and want to experiment a little bit more using a free book in order to get the hang of things, check out Champagne and Lemon Drops.

TIP: Want an iPad optimized Amazon site that allows you to swipe and all that other cool stuff? Try this link:

TIP: On your iPhone and want a mobile optimized site that is easier to use from a small screen? Try this link:

Once you have the book purchased from Amazon’s website, go back to your device and the item should show up in the ‘all items’ list. If not, pull down on the menu to refresh it and it should appear. If that doesn’t work, click on the top menu and in the list of options, you should see ‘sync.’ Click to sync your device manually.

Once Rum and Raindrops appears in your items list, click on the cover to download it to your device.

Start reading and enjoy!

Do you have some Kindle App tips and tricks or hacks? Share them in the comment section below!

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