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How to Transfer an Epub Ebook to Your iPad, Kobo, or Nook

Sometimes we are given ebooks in the ePub format and therefore they don’t magically land on our ereader like when we buy them. Which means we have to transfer them ourselves. (I know I have books I didn’t read for years because it felt like magic mumbo-jumbo to try and transfer them onto my epub-ready ereader.)

Today I’m going to show you how to get an epub into iBooks, your Kobo, or NOOK. There are several different ways to transfer files and here are a few ways to get you started–one doesn’t work? Try another way! I’ve offered a few options.

How to Get an Epub off your Computer/Tablet and Into iBooks

First, find where you have saved your book file on your computer or tablet and make sure you have iBooks installed. (If the book is in your email instead of saved onto your computer or tablet, scroll down for those simple instructions.)



Next, right click on the book file.


You should see a dropdown menu with the option “Open With”. Click on “Open With.” From the offered list, choose “iBooks.” If you have iBooks and it doesn’t show in the menu, choose “Other…” and sift through your application list until you come across iBooks. Click.

Happy Reading!

(Yup, should be that easy.)

How to Get an Emailed Epub into iBooks

Want an emailed epub ebook on your iPad or iPhone? Here’s a very simple way. (If this doesn’t work for you, try saving the email attached file to your computer or tablet or phone–wherever you have iBooks installed–and try the steps in the instructions above instead.)

First, open the email with the attached epub file you want to read in iBooks.

Transfer an ebook into iBooks

You may need to give the emailed file a moment to download, or tap it to download it to your device. If you have iBooks on your computer, tablet, or phone, the epub in your email should have the iBooks icon as shown above.

Next, tap (or click) on the epub. Just once. You should have a box pop up like below with some open options. Choose iBooks.


Voila! There it is in iBooks–just that quick and easy. Happy reading!


How to Get an ePub Book onto Kobo

This can get sorta tricky in terms of giving advice because there are a lot of options available and it depends if you are using an ereader or the app.

If you are using the Kobo app, the above steps *should* work–simply choose the ‘Kobo’ app instead of ‘iBooks.’

If you are wanting to get that ePub onto your Kobo ereader, please check out Kobo’s help page. They do an excellent job of describing what steps you need to take no matter what device you are working with. Instructions on How to Get a Book on Your Kobo.

Happy reading!

How to Transfer an Epub onto NOOK Via Drag and Drop

There are a zillion ways to transfer files onto your ereader and sometimes it is as easy as dragging and dropping like it can be with NOOK. (You can do this with Kobo–follow the link above as the drag-n-drop folders are different.)

Using your NOOK cord, plug it into your computer. You should ‘see’ the device (ereader) like it is a plugged in USB drive, etc. You should be able to see your NOOK’s folders. Look for the NOOK folder, “My Documents” and drag and drop the ePub file you want into that folder. Then, eject the NOOK and the book you dragged in should be now on your NOOK after it scans for new media. (Check the Library’s “My Documents” area.)

Happy reading!

How to Transfer an Ebook onto Your NOOK Ereader Using Adobe Digital Editions

OverDrive has a fabulous tutorial with photos on how to get ePubs onto your NOOK–if you are using Adobe Digital Editions (free). How to Transfer an Ebook onto NOOK Using Adobe Digital Editions.

P.S. This should also work for Kobo (and the old Sony ereaders if you have one).

Any tips? Let me know in the comment section.

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