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Mother’s Dating Advice: A Deleted Scene

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today, in honour of the mothers in our lives I am going to share a deleted scene from Champagne and Lemon Drops that contains Beth’s mother.

Champagne and Lemon Drops went through many revisions and in one of them Beth’s (the heroine) mother was still alive. (As well, Oz became a drunk–his father was dead, Cynthia was a divorcée with a kid, Beth was afraid of hereditary cancer, and Katie had her own issues that she fought out in her own point of view in the story. An editor called that version of the story “ambitious” which is just a nice way of saying I had way too much going on and not enough room to develop it all! And so out came the mighty delete key!).

In fact, in this version of Champagne and Lemon Drops (was then called Caviar and Lemon Drops) Beth’s parents were happily married. But that didn’t work for the story’s revisions nor Beth’s internal motivations. So I ruthlessly broke up the parents, shipped the dad off to remote locations and killed off the mother. EEK!

Um. Happy Mother’s Day?

Anyway, relationships with mothers can be everything from that rock solid connection and friendship to hating to be around each other. They know the best of us and the worst of us and can bring out both parts all at once. As well, sometimes we just want our moms to pull us into their arms and tell us what we should do with our big confusing lives. In the deleted scene below, that is exactly what Beth’s mother does. But it doesn’t end up solving her problems. Because, hey love and life is complicated and where would the story be if a mom could just sweep in and clean up the mess?

So in honour of Mother’s Day here is Beth sharing her heartache with her mother after Oz accidentally hurts her grandmother and after hearing some pushy advice from her sister.

Deleted scene from Champagne and Lemon Drops:

Cynthia turned at the door. “Nash is the answer. He’s the perfect rebound guy.”

Beth frowned at the sound of her sister marching down the stairs. Did she really have her blessing as well as half the town’s? And could she move on? And with Nash?

A few minutes later, about the time Beth got into her latest good read–the strapping hero was about to discover the heroine filching carrots from his garden–her mom knocked at her open bedroom door.

Reluctantly, she bookmarked the page as her mom placed herself at the small student desk across from Beth. She folded her hands on top of the desk indicating it was Counselor Mom time. Beth took a reassuring pull off her beer.

“How are you doing, honey?”

“Mom, I’m not in the mood for a lecture, okay? I feel guilty enough for Gran and know I should have tried harder to stop Oz. I know everyone’s disappointed in me. And I know I am stuck and need to move on. But I need time.”

“I’m only here to present the other side of the coin.”


“Just because Oz is having a tough time, it doesn’t mean you should necessarily abandon him.” She held out a hand to keep Beth from speaking. “Although, it is perfectly within your rights to do so. You’ve tried hard and you’ve given him time. The intervention was admirable. I know things may feel out of hand at the moment, but allow the man some time. You said you’d give him a year, so give him that year. Anyone else you may be thinking of, if they’re worth it, will wait.”

“Oz doesn’t want the year, Mom. He said…” Beth’s voice faltered and she released the pink bedspread she’d bunched in her hands.

“Was he drunk when he said that?”

She nodded.

“Well,” her mom leaned back and placed her hands in her lap, “then what he said can’t be trusted. His actions say he still loves you.”

Beth swiped at the tears streaming down her face and licked away the salty pool gathered at her lips.

“He still loves me?”

“He tried to dance with your patients and especially Gran. I heard he arrived with a rose?”

“That was just drunk Oz.”

“He’s trying to reach out to you honey; he doesn’t want to lose you. I bet he heard that doctor fellow is after you and I’ll bet that’s what’s smartened him right up.” Her mom sat up straight, smiling.

“He hurt Gran.” Beth let out a sob. Why did love have to be so complicated? Why couldn’t she let Oz go and move on? Why did Nash’s strength and stability have to be so tempting?

And when on earth did she become so tempted?

Her mom moved onto the bed to pat her back and she sagged into her mother’s arms.

“I can’t wait forever, Mom. What if I get breast cancer like you and I don’t notice and I have to have a mastectomy and then I can’t breastfeed? Or what if I get ovarian cancer like they think Granny May had? I’ll never have babies.” She wiped her eyes and sat up. “Cynthia’s right. I can’t wait forever.”

“Granny May managed to have me and my sister before The Cancer.”

“But she passed away after having Auntie Grace and she didn’t even get to enjoy you guys!”

“You’re young, Beth. Nobody is asking you to wait forever. You just need to give Oz time and then go talk to him. Don’t live in fear and rush one of the biggest and most important things in your life.”

* * *

I hope you enjoyed this deleted scene from Champagne and Lemon Drops and the advice not to rush one of the biggest things in your life.

How about you? What’s the best dating advice you’ve received from Mom? Share your tales in the comment section. And to all the moms out there, happy Mother’s Day!

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This scene, while deleted from the manuscript, is under copyright.

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