Book Quote Wednesday

How to Pretend You’re Not in Love… (#BookQW)

Luke and Emma have a history.

They also just got married in secret.

And they might be hiding some pretty real feelings about each other.

Indulge in a quickie sneak peek from this week’s Book Quote Wednesday book! (It’s from The Wedding Plan and this week’s word is “important.”)

ebook price $3.99

paperback price $10.99

What will these two ex-lovers do? And will the small town of Blueberry Springs allow their secret marriage to remain under wraps? Or will they blow the top off it–and reveal the truth to Luke’s ex-fiancée… Emma’s sister.

Find out! Click on your favourite store’s button above and start reading your copy of The Wedding Plan today!

A very moving,sweet romance that you are going to have a very hard time putting down. –Veils and Vows reader Pat.

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