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Book Quote Wednesday: Thanks

It’s a great day to be thankful for what we have.

Blue sky, a warm home, a loving family, lighthearted romantic comedies to watch and great books to read.

What are you thankful for today?

Today is Book Quote Wednesday where writers across the internet share a snippet from one of their books that has the week’s word in it. This week, no surprise, the word is “Thanks” in celebration of American Thanksgiving.

The most recent release from the Veils and Vows series, Mail Order Soulmate, has a Thanksgiving scene. Catherine is a single mom who is on the run and life has sent her to Zach, a retired spy. She has a secret past as does he. Instead of this becoming something that rips them apart, it rides between them–unspoken and innately understood–creating a strong, intimate bond.

This snippet is from Catherine and Zach cooking a Thanksgiving meal for their friends. Catherine has a lot to be thankful for and she fears that by expressing it she will illustrate all that she has run from in her past. It’s a tender scene, one that brings them together. And as a blog reader I’m sharing not just this snippet with you, but a longer sneak peek below as my thanks to you for reading.

My wish for you is that you have plenty to be thankful for today and tomorrow.



Sneak peek from Mail Order Soulmate’s Thanksgiving scene:

“So? What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?” Zach asked. He was watching her as they took a sip of their drinks, and seemed to have noticed the shift in her mood and how she’d dropped her paranoia. He seemed relieved, as though her being on edge had put him on edge as well.

“Do people really do that? Make a public gratitude list?” She took a sip of the sweet wine.

“Well, it depends how emotionally needy they are.”

Catherine snorted wine out her nose.

“You are so very proper and British, as well as ladylike,” Zach said with an amused smile, handing her a cloth to wipe her face.

“This was actually the hardest thing to master in finishing school,” she said seriously.

“I’ll bet.”

She paused, her left arm across her waist as she held her wineglass at chest level with her right. “In an attempt to err on the side of not being emotionally needy, how many things am I safe to list?”

There were so many, how could she choose?

“I was just kidding. Us army guys have trouble with the emotional stuff sometimes. List as much as you’d like.”

“Gratitude shouldn’t be difficult, Zach.”

“True. Just don’t make me cry, okay?”

She rolled her eyes, and he reached out and gave her earlobe an affectionate tug, like he was a middle school boy with a crush. She liked it.

“Oh, I will. You’ll be crying like a big ol’ baby by the time I’m done.”

“Maybe I should go first, so you have an example to follow. Try something simple, like how you’re grateful for Xavier’s returned health.”

“Nope. Ladies first. And no suggestions, although that is a good one.” She paused, thinking. She had so many things to be hugely grateful for. Soul-baring things. And that’s what this exercise could easily become, because she feared that once she started listing all she was thankful for, everything wonderful in her new life would come spilling out, possibly revealing what she’d left behind.

Plus it might end up being like telling a man on the first date that you loved him, wanted to get married and have his babies. Immediately.

“I can go first,” Zach said, after she’d paused for a long moment.

“No, I’ll go. I was just thinking what’s number one on the list.”

She stepped closer to him and placed a hand on his waist, an intimate move she’d seen so many couples do without thought. “I am thankful for you.”

There. She hadn’t kept going. She’d made it simple. Chosen the one thing that all her other gratitudes stemmed from: Zach.

His eyes were warm as he watched her. He said nothing, letting them have this—a moment. A couple’s moment.

“I’m thankful you answered my message,” she added.

Oh, no. Here she went. He should have said something. She could feel the pressure building inside her to keep sharing, like a train without brakes on a downhill track. To express the avalanche of emotions and gratitude within her.

“I’m thankful that you welcomed me and my son into your wonderful home and beautiful community.” Her voice was growing wobbly with emotion, and Zach’s hand slipped around her waist, silently supporting her.

“I’m so very thankful for you, Zach. Thank you.”

She rose on her tiptoes, lightly dusting his lips with hers so she wouldn’t say more, then lowered herself, her eyes fluttering open again. He was watching her, his own eyes dark with emotion. He set his wineglass down, then set hers alongside it before sweeping his arms around her, drawing her so close she could scarcely breathe.

It was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

* * *
Thank you for reading. <3


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