Book Quote Wednesday

Book Quote Wednesday: Question from Love and Mistletoe

I must ask you a question…

Today’s #BookQW (Book Quote Wednesday) word is question!

Here’s a little snippet from Love and Mistletoe. Simone is snowed in and Josh has a snowmobile. There’s a blizzard raging outside and she needs to get home. They’ve agreed to wait out the storm, but at the moment Simone is trying to guarantee a ride home in the morning. The problem is, Josh doesn’t want to be stuck with her any longer than he needs to be. Why? Because they’re opposites that are clashing like Titans!

Don’t worry, before the night is over they’ll find a way to see eye-to-eye in this sweet romance.

By the way, the ebook of Love and Mistletoe is on sale for $0.99 this week! Regularly $3.99.

As well the audiobook is only $4.95 at Nook Audio, Kobo Audio and Google Play this week which is an AMAZING audiobook deal! (Way less than the cost of a credit.)

Listeners LOVE what narrator Vanessa Moyen did for Tigger’s voice in the special letter to Santa at the end of the book.

Grab it on audio while this special deal lasts, and let Vanessa read to you while you commute, clean the house, and go about your day!

Google Play

Kobo Audio

Nook Audio

Also available on iTunes and Audible. (Also ask your local librarian if you can borrow this audiobook from your library.)

Have a great week.



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