Book Quote Wednesday

B&N Summer Romance Reading Sale (#BookQW too!)

Guess what’s being featured in the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Romance Sale? Sweet Troublemaker!

It’s also Book Quote Wednesday. So not only do you get great romances for your NOOK, but you get a little sneak peek of Nick’s moment of “Uh oh!” from Sweet Troublemaker. Our word of the week is DRY. Can you find it in the sneak peek below?

Want more? You can find all of the Barnes and Noble summer sale books here:…/_/N-2t52

You can find Sweet Troublemaker EVERYWHERE!

ebook price $2.99

paperback price $9.99

Sweet Troublemaker is a book about second chances, old loves, a three-legged dog, weddings, cowboys, and feel-good, heartwarming moments as well as sweet kisses!

Happy reading!

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