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Accidental Marriage–Could you Fake it? (#BookQW)

Things are never boring in Blueberry Springs! Jill Armstrong discovered she accidentally married a competitor during a conference. How did that happen? Well… it’s a long story!

The problem is… how can she get out of this “relationship” without damaging her business?

The short answer?

She can’t.

Both her fledgling business and her new husband’s seem to be linked… in a way that is going to cause them to have to play house. Together.

Easy, right?

Not so fast! Burke is difficult, determined… and sexy as all get out! He has a softer side that is pulling Jill in.

Can these two find a way to make their accidental marriage the best thing that ever happened to them?

Find out in Accidentally Married:

ebook price $3.99

paperback price $10.99

Today’s sneak peek is part of #BookQW (Book Quote Wednesday) and our word is FAST! Enjoy this snippet from Accidentally Married, a sweet marriage of convenience romance.



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