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Win It!: A Romance Giveaway to Boost Your New Year’s Resolutions

So, we’ve been in 2014 for a month. How are you doing? How are your resolutions going? Are you feeling like a new woman yet?

Yes? No? (Please don’t kick me for asking!)

Some of my resolutions are becoming ingrained in my routine, becoming new, healthy habits. But there are still days where I want to curl up in bed with a box of chocolates and fall off the routine wagon. And that’s okay. I’ve planned a big, ambitious year for myself (I want to publish 7 books this year!!) and sometimes I need to chill and recharge and retackle my resolutions a day later.

But the big thing about feeling successful about goals and resolutions, I think, is to accept yourself. Accept your limitations, your goals, your good days, your not-so-good days, and know when to push yourself–dare yourself. Dare to live big and reach for what you really want–whether you feel you ‘deserve’ it or not. Because honestly, can we rely on someone else to go get it for us? Hell no. If we want the job done, we’ve got to do it ourselves. And we’re strong. We’re feisty. And we’re dynamic women.

But sometimes we need a little inspiration. A little ra-ra-you-can-do-it-girl boost.

And that’s what myself and four other authors are going to do for you. We’re going to shake those laggy February blahs right off of you! How? With a giveaway, of course! Our books are about women accepting themselves and reaching for what they want. For example, as Evelyn Adams’ heroine shows us, in Love Uncovered, that means putting aside your fears and speaking up for yourself and what you want. In Julie Farrell’s book (Driving Me to You), she’ll uplift and inspire you with hope. J. Lea Lopez’s story (Sorry’s Not Enough), you’ll fall in love with a girl who moves beyond her past and the things that have held her back. Why? So you can do like Mandy does in my story, Whiskey and Gumdrops, and break down your own walls so when you read A.T. O’Connor’s Whispering Minds you’ll hit that final step–be inspired to love yourself so you hit all those resolutions with fire in your soul.

So, come on girls! Find your inner strength with us. It’ll be a fun journey. I promise.


Open from February 1-10th for readers aged 18 and over. Grand prize is available for Canada and US only. (Sorry!)

Click on the link below to enter. There are tons of ways to gain ‘points’ (additional entries) such as tweeting, following us on Twitter, Pinning our covers on Pinterest, commenting, and more! (The more you do, the better your odds of winning, but definitely don’t feel you have to do it all!)

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More About the Authors and Prizes

loveuncoveredLove Uncovered by Evelyn Adams

Twitter: evelynadamsFF

Driving You To MeDriving Me to You by Julie Farrell

Twitter: Julieanafarrell

  sorrynotenough.jpSorry’s Not Enough by J. Lea Lopez

Twitter: JLeaLopez

WhisperingMindsWhispering Minds by A.T. O’Connor

Twitter: @AlexandraTys
Facebook: A. T. O’Connor

Whiskey and Gumdrops: A Blueberry Springs Chick Lit Contemporary RomanceWhiskey and Gumdrops by Jean Oram

Website: You’re on it!
Mailing list (it’s free!):

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  1. What an awesome contest! I already own several of these, but would love the others 🙂

    1. Awesome, Jemi! They are such a lovely group of ladies–some of my top authors for sure. 🙂

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