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Two Flash Romance Giveaways!

I’m playing another game and hosting another giveaway this weekend! Two of ’em! I’m crazy. I’m insane! I’m giving stuff away! What can I say. I was raised by hippies and live in Canada. It’s the way I roll.

So what’s up? You’ll have to move fast on these two giveaways. I haven’t given you much warning.

First up is a flash-lightning-uber-quickie giveaway I decided to host on my Facebook page. Head to this post and give it a like to enter to win an autographed paperback of Champagne and Lemon Drops. Heck, like my page while you are there if you haven’t already! 😉

That giveaway closes tonight (Sunday) at 9PM Mountain (11 Eastern). So go now and give this post a like!

Win a copy of Champagne and Lemon Drops
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Second up is a party by the absolutely fabulous Danielle Stewart. She is launching book 3 in her Piper Anderson series this weekend, Changing Fate, over on Facebook. She has a ton of authors over there and is hosting a pile of games and giveaways–including something from me!

Danielle Stewart Release Party

Since I love how Danielle’s character, Piper, takes matters into her own hands in her stories I created a game for Danielle’s party. Piper’s the kind of character who inspires me to daydream about sleuthing. So in her honour, over at the party, we are renaming ourselves! I’m going to share the game here, but if you catch this post on Sunday, October 6th I’d love it if you popped over to Danielle’s party on Facebook, said hi, shared your new sleuthing name–which will get you entered to win a prerelease ebook copy of Whiskey and Gumdrops (coming November 1st!). And don’t forget to download Danielle’s seriously fantastic books. 🙂 Book one, Chasing Justice is completely free!!!

What is Your Spy Name Game

Here’s how it goes: Take your birth date and birth month and add them all together. For example 6th of October would be 6+10=16. Look up the corresponding name and add it to the comment section for a chance to win a preorder ebook copy of my upcoming release Whiskey and Gumdrops—due out November 1st. (There will be two randomly drawn winners.) If your number is higher than 29, take the two digits and add them together (eg. 27 of December (12) would equal a number higher than 29. So what you do is go 27+12= 40 SO take 4+0 which would be 4.) to get a number less than 29—confusing, I know, but I ran out of names! Lol!

1) Vendetta Mary

2) Sleuthing Sally

3) Snooping Suzie

4) Spying Jill

5) Sneaking Susan

6) Agent Alexandria

7) Secretive Trixie

8) Double Agent Debra

9) Undercover Uma

10) Trailing Tonya

11) Watching Wilma

12) Peeping Pam

13) Tracing Tracey

14) Eavesdropping Evelyn

15) Rifling Roxie

16) Policing Polly

17) Break In Betty

18) Justice Julie

19) Espionage Ella

20) Legal Eagle Lucy

21) Infiltrating Isabel

22) Phone Tapping Phoebe

23) Wiretap Wilma

24) Lurking Lila

25) Mandy Mole

26) Counterintelligence Leila

27) Secret Service Vicky

28) Operative Tina

29) Searching Chi-Chi


What’s your new name? I’m Sleuthing Sally. Share yours in the comment section! Enjoy!

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  1. My spy name is Sneaking Susan! 🙂

    1. Nice one Simi! Thanks for playing.

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