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Want to be in my next novel? Live forever on the written page? Be famous? I’ve got a few characters in the upcoming story Love and Rumors that could become you!

Here’s the scoop. CLIC Sargent in the UK is holding a charity auction featuring some very wonderful authors such as Jane Green (such a fan!), the awesome Michele Gorman, as well as my good friend (fellow indie author alert!) Julie Farrell. Oh, and myself!

Get in Character with CLIC Sargent's auction

Did you know that every day ten children / youth in the UK are told they have cancer? As someone who has had cancer affect her family, I know not only how devastating this can be, but how disruptive it can be to everyday life as well. Luckily, in our situation the cancer center was close by, and rarely did anyone have to take time off of work. But things are different when your child isn’t well. And this is where CLIC Sargent steps in to help by being there for families during some of their most trying times. To quote them, “We provide clinical, practical and emotional support to help them cope with cancer and get the most out of life.” And the best part is that for the next week and a half (until March 9th) we can support them in a fun way by ‘getting in character.’

Want to know more about the book you could be in called Love and Rumors?

Love and Rumors by Jean Oram

Love and Rumors (Summer Sisters Book 1): A Muskoka Beach Reads Contemporary Romance

One photographer who needs money—fast. One movie star with an offer as tempting as his bad boy smile.

Hailey Summer, a photographer who has remortgaged her entire life in order to follow her dreams, needs more time. As the eldest of four girls, her self-appointed job has always been to solve everyone’s problems—including holding onto the family’s historic cottage that’s precious to all of them. But with the cottage about to be seized for back taxes, Hailey’s going to have to confront more than just the family members she’s kept in the dark.

When Finian Alexander closes his eyes he sees is his family’s destitute past and the unfulfilled promises he’s made to others. Only a fraction away from making the A-list food chain and fulfilling his promises, Finian needs help from the paparazzi to push his next ‘bad boy of Hollywood’ escapade into the limelight. Problem is he’s in the Canadian Muskokas and the only photographer he’d consider partnering with slaps him every time he deserves it—which is increasingly often as he becomes more desperate.

Will Hailey and Finian give in to the easy way out of their problems, or will discover how alike they truly are when they hit the tabloids—together?

This is the first book in the Summer Sisters beach read contemporary romance series and it will be released in July 2014.

Want to be in this book? Click here and get the bidding rolling. (P.S. If you and your friends want to pool together I am completely open to adding a group of friends to the book–let’s have fun! All money raised goes to CLIC Sargent and helps families during a time when they need it the most.)

CLIC Sargent: For Children with Cancer

Full list of authors participating in CLIC Sargent’s Get in Character:
Emily Barr
Jane Bidder
Alison Bruce
Belinda Bauer
Julie Cohen
Charles Cumming
Claire Dyer
Kate Ellis
Julie Farrell
Jemma Forte
Kate Furnivall
Michele Gorman
Jane Green
Elly Griffiths
Emylia Hall
Graham Hurley
Shaun Hutson
Lisa Jewell
Amanda Jennings
Susan Lewis
Colette McBeth
Andy McNab
Jean Oram
Caro Ramsey
Kate Rhodes
Joanna Trollope
Martyn Waites

You can see all the authors and bids here and bid here to be named in Jean’s upcoming series.

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  1. What an awesome idea!!

    1. I love the idea, too. When they approached me I was like: YES!!!!! Lol. I can’t wait to see who I will be writing into Love and Rumors.

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