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Be a Character in Blueberry Springs: CLIC Sargent’s Get in Character

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were in Blueberry Springs (my small town romance series)…

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have your name in a novel? To be a character in a book you can hold, read, smell, and hug? (Yeah, I smell and hug my books. Admit it, all the best reader types do it!)

Now’s your chance to live the dream! Both dreams!

Become a character in my next Blueberry Springs novel!

Each year I support CLIC Sargent’s charity in the UK with their Get In Character fundraiser and 2016 is no different! In fact, it’s inspired me to finally give Nicola and Todd (from the Valentine’s Day short story Tequila and Candy Hearts) their own full-length novel, Tequila and Candy Drops!

Tequila and Candy Drops by Jean OramWould you like to be a character in Blueberry Springs? Would you like to be a friend of Nicola’s? Maybe Todd’s sister? Maybe even a relative of Mary Alice’s? You could bid on the chance to be in Blueberry Springs all while helping a very worthy charity in the UK. CLIC Sargent helps families that have children with cancer. They provide support for these families whether it is financial, emotional, or practical. As a mother of two I can’t imagine the upheaval of having a child with cancer. But we can help these families during a very difficult time. And it’s easy, too!

Step 1: Go to my CLIC Sargent’s auction page for Tequila and Candy Drops–bidding is open internationally! Place a bid to become a character in the upcoming book:

Step 2: Watch the auction and keep bidding–and maybe win!

Step 3: You won? Awesome! Tell me a bit about yourself. Then, this fall watch for your signed paperback copy of Tequila and Candy Drops to come in the mail and read another great Blueberry Springs novel and find yourself inside!

I can’t wait to write about one of my readers! Last year I wrote Blossom (a newborn baby–remember her? The baby Amber’s sister babysits next door?) into Vodka and Chocolate Drops. The year before, I wrote the Walkers into Love and Rumors (they rented Trixie Hollow from Hailey). Will I be writing about you this year?

About Tequila and Candy Drops

Two best friends. One night that changes everything.

Nicola Samuels decided it was high time to grow up and settle down with a real career after traveling the world with her inseparable best friend Todd Haber. The only problem? Her heart is longing for something much more stimulating than her job as a community planner in the small town of Blueberry Springs.

Her heart is longing for her best friend, Todd. And kissing him last Valentine’s Day didn’t help matters. In fact, it only proved how much she really needs him in her life—as her boyfriend. Too bad they haven’t spoken since Cupid shot his arrow in their direction months ago.

Knowing she can’t live without Todd—even if she has to settle for ‘just friends’—Nicola tries to patch things up with him only to start a surprising chain of events that will change their lives, and relationship, forever.

This novel, Tequila and Candy Drops, is a follow up to the short story, Tequila and Candy Hearts and will be book 6 in the Blueberry Springs series. It is a sweet, clean romantic comedy and will be released in the fall of 2016.


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