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CLIC Sargent: For Children with CancerEver wanted to be in a book? Ever want to live in Jean Oram’s Blueberry Springs? Ever want to be FAMOUS?

Now you can do all three while helping charity.

This summer Vodka and Chocolate Drops is coming to the Blueberry Springs collection and you could be in it!

CLIC Sargent is holding their second annual Get in Character online charity auction where authors write REAL people (like you!) into their upcoming books. Last year, I wrote a lovely woman and her family (the Walkers) into Love and Rumors. This year, I’ll be writing the auction winner into Vodka and Chocolate Drops.

Not only will you be in the book, but I will mail you an autographed paperback of the book.

What do you think? Want to be immortalized in print? Here’s your chance!

Vodka and Chocolate Drops

Want to know more about the book you’ll be in? Here’s the blurb:

One woman with a bulldozer. One cheating boyfriend. One town that had better look out.

Amber Thompson left Blueberry Springs knowing that one day she’d return as someone more than just an unseen small town gal working in a dead-end job. And she did. The only problem is that Russell Peaks, the boyfriend she dragged home with her, just published an intimate, revealing book that is obviously about Amber. Barely able to show her face around town, she discovers that becoming the woman she always feared might not be so bad after all.

But when Amber gets in trouble, courtesy a handy bulldozer and a large dose of latent rage, she thinks her best friend, Officer Scott Malone, who has harbored a secret crush since they were kids will save her as always. Only this time, the man who has never arrested anyone, is ready to toss her behind bars and throw away the key.

Forced to face her life, Amber begins digging into her past for answers and discovers family secrets that may threaten to destroy everything she has ever believed about herself. Will she find peace with who she is and the town that loves her? And will she finally see the man who has always been there, ready to provide her heart with the safe harbor she’s always desired?

This is the sixth book in the Blueberry Springs series and can be read as a standalone novel.



Vodka and Chocolate Hearts: A Blueberry Springs Valentine's Day Short Story RomanceYou can read more about Amber, Scott, and Russell in the Valentine’s Day short story Vodka and Chocolate Hearts.

Available on Amazon US, UK, Google.


More about CLIC Sargent

“Last year, the Get in Character auction raised £3,500 to help CLIC Sargent provide clinical, practical and emotional support to children, young people with cancer and their families. Help us beat that amount so that we can help more children!” Read more here.


Auction Details

Not in the UK? No problem! Everything happens online (through eBay for the auction and email for details on getting you in my book) and I’ll work with a winner through CLIC Sargent no matter where they are located. There are no location restrictions.

Auction runs:

8pm on Thursday 26 February 2015 until 8pm on Sunday 8 March 2015.

Make your bid here and help families dealing with childhood children:

Make Your Bid Here!!

Good luck! And thank you for your support.

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