Book Quote Wednesday

Spend the Night? Uh oh! (#BookQW sneak peek from The Surprise Wedding)

Uh oh! Olivia needs a place to crash in Blueberry Springs for the night. Can she spend it at her ex’s without starting to feel all those old feelings she left behind years ago? A fake engagement. Small town. What could go wrong…right? Indulge in this free ebook–regular price is $3.99! Hurry! Ends soon! Want to read a longer sneak …

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Jean Oram YouTube Channel

What Strengthens a Relationship: Q&A With Romance Author Jean Oram

What is love? What strengthens love? How do you strengthen a relationship with your boyfriend? The man who marries Scott and Amber (from novel Vodka and Chocolate Drops) has the answers in the latest novel from Blueberry Springs, Tequila and Candy Drops. Pop over to YouTube and check out the latest Q&A with Jean! (That’s me!) Don’t forget to subscribe …

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book giveaways

150 Free Romance Books!

I’m part of a big giveaway happening this week so if you’re looking for something to read while I write more Blueberry Springs books you’re in luck! 150 authors have banded together to offer 150 free romances in all subgenres so there is something for everyone who reads romance! AND that’s not all. We’re also sponsoring a big giveaway–ereaders and …

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