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I respect your privacy and if you are concerned about any information my newsletter or website collects, here are the things you should know:

Newsletter Privacy:

I do not share or sell the email addresses from my newsletter subscriber list. In fact, I’m so serious about safeguarding your email address I also use two-point authentication for signing into my newsletter provider and only work with reliable providers who can help keep your emails as safe as possible. (There is nothing worse than SPAM!) My newsletter subscribers are always safe to unsubscribe at any time and all of my newsletters provide an unsubscribe link within them.

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Jean Oram .com Privacy Policy:

This website uses affiliate links. What that means is this: if you use one of my store links on my site (which are often affiliate links if I wasn’t feeling lazy or rushed) to purchase one of my books that store will pay me a few cents for referring you to their store. It is always your choice which store you use and I don’t not collect any data on who buys what. In fact, I can’t. All I get in my monthly reports are which book(s) or other products were purchased using an affiliate link. These stores do use short-term cookies (usually they expire after 48 hours) when you click on an affiliate link. These cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device/tablet to help them track which purchases (if any) they should credit to me for bringing you into their store. Often my social media links are affiliate links.

Website Cookies: This site may use a common Facebook ad pixel to help me deliver ads to readers on Facebook.

This website’s popup box asking you to subscribe to my sweet little newsletter uses one cookie. That is so it knows that your computer or device has been here before (within the last month) so it doesn’t keep nagging you with the ‘hey, subscribe to my awesome newsletter!’ popup box. If you have popups blocked, no popup, no cookies. These cookies do not have any eggs, wheat, or other allergens and do not contain or retain any personal information. I wish they had chocolate chips though. Those would be delicious.

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Last updated April 2017