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Tequila and Candy Drops Preorder Now Available

Are you one of my fans who have been waiting for Tequila and Candy Drops, the novel? You’ve read Tequila and Candy Hearts, the short story, and have been waiting… and waiting to see what Nicola and Todd–best friends–do after that steamy kiss at the end of their Valentine’s Day?

Oh, it’s gonna be good. There are some twists in their story. Bumps on the road to their happily ever after–so big even I wasn’t sure they were going to make it!

Tequila and Candy Drops

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Book 6 in the Blueberry Springs series is coming September 6th, 2016. Meet Nicola Samuels, niece to Mary Alice and Liz!

Two best friends. One night that changes everything.

Nicola Samuels decided it was high time to grow up and settle down with a real career after traveling the world with her inseparable best friend Todd Haber. The only problem? Her heart is longing for something much more stimulating than her job as a community planner in the small town of Blueberry Springs.

Her heart is longing for her best friend, Todd. And kissing him last Valentine’s Day didn’t help matters. In fact, it only proved how much she really needs him in her life—as her boyfriend. Too bad they’ve barely spoken since Cupid shot his arrow in their direction months ago.

Knowing she can’t live without Todd—even if she has to settle for ‘just friends’—Nicola tries to patch things up with him only to start a surprising chain of events that will change their lives, and relationship, forever.

Questions for Jean:

Will it be a fun romp? Hint: this is the first line and it doesn’t come from Todd or Nicola!

“You should marry me.”

Will there be a happily ever after? Hint: this is the last line:

That was the greatest part of falling in love with her best friend. She felt exactly the same way.

The same way as what? Oh, I’d love to tell you but that’ll spoil the ending! Squee!

This ebook is available for preorder exclusively at iBooks this month. (Other preorder options coming in July.)

Preorder your copy here: iBooks Preorder Tequila and Candy Drops and read an exclusive sneak peek (located in the sample area) that includes an interview with the author–me!–and find out what nobody else knows about Tequila and Candy Drops!

Don’t have Nicola and Todd’s prequel short story? Grab it for free from me! My subscribers get it for zero dollars, baby!

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