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The Inspiration for Trixie Hollow (The Summer Sisters series — jigsaw puzzle)

Where does the inspiration for Trixie Hollow in The Summer Sisters come from?

Today’s puzzle comes from the inspiration for the cottage in the Summer Sisters series. This is the family cottage that I used to spend my summers in.

My parents bee farming season was CRAZY busy in July and August–right when my brother and I would get out of school. So before I was old enough to be much help on the farm I’d get sent off to spend weeks with my grandma and we’d spend weeks at this cottage. I’d swim every single day and eat too many cookies. (Who needs their shorts to fit for the flight back home anyway?)

Because there is a lot of green in this photo I tried making funkier shaped pieces and made it only 55 pieces. What do you think? Too easy? Too hard?

Let me know–and enjoy your journey into the world of The Summer Sisters in Muskoka, Ontario Canada.

preview54pieceInspiration For Trixie Hollow (The Summer Sisters Series)

Hope everyone is well!

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