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Book Club Discussion Questions Now Available

Wanna chat The Summer Sisters? I now have books club discussion questions for all five novels in the series available!

The Summer Sisters Tame the Billionaires series by Jean Oram.

Download or print your copy of the discussion questions in PDF format here.

Or click to read them online here.


Let’s dish with a question from Love and Rumors!

Have you ever met a movie star? Do you feel you’d be as ‘cool’ about the fame as Hailey was with Finian? What do you think would be difficult for you?
(I’ve never met a movie star and I doubt I’d be as cool as Hailey! I once saw Jonathan Torrens (Canadian TV star) on a plane and smiled at him and he totally blushed and scurried away. Sigh.)

Tell me your story in the comment section…

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