1. Mary

    I am trying to figure out an actual reading order of your series. Indigo Bay is not a problem, I will read them with other authors involved. ? Veils and Vows , Blueberry Springs, The Summer Sisters. Which is 1st, 2nd, 3rd. ?

    1. You can read the series in any order. However you may enjoy reading the Veils and Vows series close to the Indigo Bay books as there are quite a few characters crossing over. The Blueberry Springs books are set in the same world as the Veils and Vows books.

  2. Mary

    Thanks for a prompt response. I will read Blueberry Springs first, then Veils and Vows, then Summer Sisters. I will save the Indigo Bay books to read with books in series from the other authors. Looking forward to enjoying them all. Have a great day.

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