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Q&A With Jean Oram: Jean Steals From Herself: Tequila and Candy Drops

Did someone say skivies?

Oh, wait…I did! Ha ha!

Jean Oram interview with Jean Oram

  • Why did I scrap the first book that Nicola and Todd were in?
  • How did I start writing?
  • Was it difficult navigating Nicola and Todd from friends to more than friends?
  • Why did I write their happily ever after–the novel, Tequila and Candy Drops?
  • Why did I steal these two world traveling best friends for the short story, Tequila and Candy Hearts?

Answers to all of these burning questions as well as the one of what I sound like.

Happy viewing!

I look like I’m about to pop out of my chair and lay a beat down on someone! Fear not, I’m a sweet romance author…that means I only beat people up in my stories. Not in real life. Usually…

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