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Reader Groups and Giveaways!

Love to read? Missing other people?

Are you on Facebook?

If you are, I have TWO great groups for you to join!

First is my reader group for Jean Oram Fans called The Jeansters.

Come join us!

Need a nudge? I have a giveaway going on right now in that group for Jeansters–the prize? A signed early edition of my first book, Champagne and Lemon Drops!

Already a member? Come join me and several other authors over in Your Book Escape! We’re hosting fun! Giveaways. Books. Deals. Chats and SO MUCH MORE. Come hang out with us!

See you on Facebook!

P.S. Did you notice I currently have FOUR books for free hanging out on your favourite online bookstore waiting for you to discover? Have you read all four? Search me up under “Jean Oram” on your fav store and discover your new fav read!

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