How to Claim Your Love and Rumors Promo Code on Kobo Books

Thanks for being a newsletter subscriber. Here are more in-depth instructions on how to claim your free promo code for Love and Rumors on Kobo Books.

First, go to and sign in or create your free account. You’ll also want to be sure you have the free Kobo Books app on your device. (Available for free on iPhone and Android devices.)

Next, go to the audio page for Jean Oram. Click on Love and Rumors.

Then on the page for Love and Rumors, look to the right and select the “Add to cart” button. (Or select “Buy Now” if you’re done shopping and skip clicking on the shopping cart in the next step. You’ll still have time to review your purchase and add your code before the store charges you.)

Ready to check out? Click on the shopping cart at the top of the page if you clicked on “Add to cart” instead of “Buy Now.”

Click the red “Check out” button. (We’ll add the promo code on the next page.)

We’re now on the checkout page. Click on “Add promo code” on the right before you hit “Complete purchase.”

How to add a promo code on Kobo

Add the promo code: FREERUMORS

There are a limited number of codes and they expire on November 17th, 2018. If you’re a subscriber and we’re out of codes please reply to the audio newsletter that brought you to this page and I’ll ask Kobo to make more codes for us. 🙂

When you’ve applied the code you should see a wonderful zero dollars total like shown below. You can now complete your purchase and watch for the audiobook to instantly appear in your app!

How to add a promo code on Kobo

The Kobo app works with iPhones and Car Play.

You can listen without downloading the audiobook to your phone, but if you are going to leave a WiFi zone, I recommend hitting the red download button so it’s not using your cellular data to stream the book.

Look! It’s Kobo audio on my phone!

Love and Rumors on Kobo audioYou can see this book has no reviews yet–if you’d like to leave a review after listening I’ll love you forever!


Happy listening!


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