Sweet Troublemaker – Indigo Bay

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Sometimes falling in love is the best kind of trouble.

Newly divorced Polly Morgan is feeling jaded. She hopes that extra time in the oceanside town of Indigo Bay before her friend’s wedding will help set herself straight again. However, she doesn’t expect to have to save the entire event alongside the man she measures all kisses against—her first love, Nick Wylder.

Nick hasn’t seen Polly in almost two decades, but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped thinking about her. He’s pretty sure she feels the power of their rekindled love too, and he’s ready to make a move. To his Texas ranch, to her home in Canada—anywhere as long as she’s there.

But what will he do when his fast moves send Polly running? Can these two exes overcome their past and claim their second chance at love?

This is the first book in the all-new Indigo Bay Second Chance Romance series. All books can be read as a standalone so jump on in and indulge in these small town sweet romances. (This series is a spinoff of the Indigo Bay Sweet Romance Series.)

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Sneak Peek of Sweet Troublemaker!

Coming Soon!

In the meantime enjoy a few of my favourite lines from the book so far:

* * *

“You’re trouble, aren’t you, Nick Wylder?”

He grinned at her. “Yes, but I’m the very best kind.”

* * *

He broke the kiss and whispered, “When I’m with you I can’t remember what’s wrong in my life.”

* * *

He’d wanted that kiss and she had, too. He’d gone for it, and it had lived up to his expectations, plus some.

Even in that one, short kiss he knew she still had the power to knock his socks off, and to retain her legacy as the one he compared every woman to.
But she didn’t want to be that woman. Not for him.

* * *

He could hear the ocean behind him, people inhaling with anticipation as he strode toward the woman he’d never stopped loving. He’d been loving her before he even truly understood what love was.

* * *

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