Veils and Vows Series

An irresistible new series coming May 2017 from NY Times bestselling author Jean Oram…

More Blueberry Springs. More tantalizing sweet romances to sweep you away. More late nights reading, dreaming and laughing.

You’re going to love it.

Meet Devon Mattson. Yes, he’s Mandy’s older brother (the woman with the best brownies in the history of Blueberry Springs–you might remember her from Whiskey and Gumdrops!). Yes, he’s Nicola’s BFF (from Tequila and Candy Drops). He’s the man we’ve been waiting for. The man who was there for Nicola. The man with a woman hidden deep in his past. The man readers have been asking for.

Well, coming in May readers are going to get Devon. Twice.

You’ll learn about the woman from his past. There will be laughter. There will be tears. But will there be a happily ever after? (Spoiler alert: Of course there will be! But…it won’t come easy and you’re going to love the ride his stories take you on through late nights of laughter and tears.)

Plus, there’s more. So very much more.

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More soon…

Happy reading,

Jean Oram

New! Here are the upcoming titles. (Sneak to their page for an ahead-of-everyone cover reveal and MORE!)

The Promise
The Surprise Wedding
A Pinch of Commitment
The Wedding Plan
Accidentally Married
The Marriage Pledge
Mail Order Soulmate
BONUS tie-in Indigo Bay novel: Sweet Matchmaker