Book Quote Wednesday

The Assistant and the CEO! (Book Quote Wednesday’s Word: Order)

Oh, boy! This week it’s not just a workplace romance we’ve got happening, but it’s also a budding romance between the head honcho and his new assistant!

Maya needs to save her cottage by playing nice with Connor who has rented it as his personal retreat for two weeks. That means no work–Maya’s to take care of everything during this time. Including him!

But what will they do as things turn less professional and a bit more personal?

Enjoy this little teaser from #BookQW (Book Quote Wednesday). Our word this week is “order.”

This book is regularly $3.99 but it will be FREE for two more days. Hurry! Don’t miss out. This book is sweet and fun–but a word of warning…you’ll want to indulge in the entire completed series! 🙂


ebook price $3.99!    FREE!

paperback price $10.99

Also available in audio!


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